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The Strength of Snowdrops

This week has been a challenging one for me. I find it only too perfect how I’d planned to share this new art piece for our collection next, because the message behind it is exactly what I needed to hear today.

Snowdrops are a delicate flower—small, dainty, fragile. And yet, these seemingly insignificant flowers are the first to herald spring, the first glimpse of hope.

Not only do they bring with them all the promise of better spring days to come, but they have a strength beyond most—they bloom *through* the snow.

These tiny & delicate little flowers bloom with a hope so resilient that they are undaunted by the bitterness of winter’s cold & grow despite it to share that hopeful promise with the world!

For this reason, they have always been my favourite flower & I knew that when I chose to do a spring collection I just had to showcase their strength & beauty.

So may this art piece be a reminder for you that though you are delicate & gentle, you are strong & resilient. Your hope is not fragile. Your spring *will* come & you will effloresce with the flowers into your own happy ending!

~ The Efflorescing Adventuress collection flowers April 29th ~

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