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My Books 

I've always had a heart for stories and bringing hope and happiness to the world through the magic of words. I'm so excited that now I have books of my own to share with you! 


The Autumn woodland tea party

The weather is getting chilly, and Fox wants to have a tea party. But he'll have to hurry because Hedgehog and Bear are getting ready to hibernate, and Squirrel is busy gathering food for the winter. What better way to celebrate the comforts of friendship than with freshly baked blackberry muffins and heather tea? Set in an enchanting autumnal woodland, this cozy tale will take you back to your childhood and warm your heart.

The Polar bear prince

Once upon a legend in a land of snow & magic...
There was a girl and a prince, a curse and a blessing, and a love great enough to unite them all. Immerse yourself in this spellbinding tale and be swept away into a world of enchantresses, great beasts, deep magic, and an even deeper love. 


Summer Tales from
Cozy Vales 

I am honored to be a Cozy Vales Scribe! This shared world has multiple, amazing authors all creating cozy fantasy stories.


This particular anthology celebrates Cozy Vale's High Summer holiday through eight different stories, including my cozy fantasy debut:

To Brew Communi-Tea

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