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Cozy Vales Anthology☕️🌿

I am most excited (& honored) to announce that I have been welcomed into Cozy Vales as an author in their cozy fantasy world!✨

This wonderful group of authors write cozy fantasy stories that are all set in the charming world of Cozy Vales. If you’re not familiar with the term, Cozy Fantasy is the low-stakes, slice-of-life, slow & comforting version of fantasy. (It is to fantasy what cozy mysteries are to the mystery genre.)🌿

You are less likely to save the world in these stories and more likely to open a bakery with an elf, enter a woodcarving competition with a dwarf, or celebrate a harvest festival with a town of fairies. These stories are cozy, comforting, and heartwarming—just like a hot cup of tea.☕️

I am very excited to debut my first cozy fantasy short story in Cozy Vales! If you are fond of tea, midsummer, flower fairies, and/or the theme of friendship, download this FREE ebook when it releases on June 15, 2024!🍵🌸🧚🏻‍♀️🌿

Read on for the full book blurb!

A delightful collection of cozy fantasy stories set in the coziest of worlds!

Grab your picnic basket and favorite cold beverage because this anthology of cozy fantasy stories has hours of summer reading waiting for you! Summer Tales is set in Cozy Vales, an original fantasy shared world, and features original works by eight different authors.

This latest offering from the Cozy Vales scribes features stories set during Summer’s Tide, a two-week holiday celebrating life, love, and laughter. Summer’s Tide culminates with High Summer, where residents enjoy a day of festival frivolity and an all-night celebration of revelry, storytelling, and fireworks.

Explore Cozy Vales through eight different short stories:

The Trouble With Toppers - L.A. Scott

Boule-igans - G Clatworthy

Thorne’s Promotion - Bonnie Axton

Desperate at the Delphinium - Cassandra Stirling

The Green in the Mist - Rebecca Buchanan

The Hatchling Guardian - Miranda Herald

The Baker’s Daughter - Phillip Sanderson

To Brew Communi-Tea - Elle Steward

Learn more at

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