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Miruvor Recipe✨

“It is very precious. It is miruvor, the cordial of Imladris. Elrond gave it to me at our parting.”

~ Mithrandir, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

Miruvor is a restorative elvish cordial known for its clear colouring and refreshing, fragrant flavour. There is some speculation as to its origin (elves are good at keeping their secrets), but some believe it is made from the nectar of Yavanna’s flowers in Valinor—a very precious substance indeed. The fellowship of the ring was entrusted with a flask of this sweet mead for their journey, but today I want to share a lovely non-alcoholic version of this refreshing drink!

Made with aromatic jasmine tea, sweet honey, and refreshing sparkling grape juice this drink will transport you to elvish realms in far off places. I imagine drinking this restorative cordial to lilting elvish songs under twinkling starlight with fair friends by your side.

You can also find free printable downloads of this recipe with recommended printing sizes below.

No veren (be joyous),

~ Elle


1 Bottle of sparkling white grape juice

3 Tea bags of white jasmine tea

1 Cup water

2-3 Tablespoons of honey (I recommend heather honey)


Chill juice.

Steep 3 white jasmine tea bags for 1 minute in 1 cup of hot water (preferably heated to just below boiling temperature). Remove tea bags and mix in honey till dissolved. I recommend starting with 2 tablespoons of honey then adding more to taste. Remember, this is supposed to be very concentrated and will dilute in the juice.

Chill tea and honey mixture.

Mix chilled juice and tea/honey mixture together and serve!


Miruvor Recipe Card 5x7
Download PDF • 157KB

Miruvor Recipe Card Letter Size
Download PDF • 156KB

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