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🎉🍂 It’s Release Day! 🍂🎉

The Autumn Woodland Tea Party is officially available! I can’t believe that my childhood dream of becoming an author has finally come true. All my life I wanted to share hope and happiness to the world through words and now I can finally do that! I’m so honored that Lawley Publishing believed in this dream and saw the potential for this story to touch people’s hearts. It is my biggest dream that it will touch yours too.

This story is a tale of simple pleasures, diverse friendships, and celebrating life’s little moments with those you love most. I imagined each character of this story with different personalities and mental disorders to show how even though we are all different and may have different needs, we can still come together into deep and meaningful relationships. I hope you are encouraged by this story to reach out to your friends and celebrate the little things together (in the form of a tea party, of course).

Thank you so much to all of you who have supported this dream throughout the years! So many of you have encouraged me in my writing and it has meant the world. Check the dedications page of the book;)

Please join me tonight at 7pm CDT on the Elle’s Cottage Facebook page for a virtual tea party to celebrate! There will be a big giveaway, a read through of the book, behind the scenes, and more. I can’t wait to welcome you to our celebratory tea party!

~ Elle

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