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Coming Soon: The Efflorescing Adventuress Collection 🍃✨

🍃The Efflorescing Adventuress🍃

A Cozy Adventuress Collection

I'm absolutely thrilled to announce our spring shop collection!✨

Spring is the time for a fresh start & fresh hope. Just as dark turns to dawn & frost turns to flowers, so too will your night turn to light as you purse your best life💚🌿

Filled with the hope of spring, the beauty of flowers, and the strength of an adventuress, this collection is here to remind you to trust in your hope & believe that your own spring will come.🌼🍃

Inspired by our Cozy Adventuress collection, the Efflorescing Adventuress aims to bring you the same encouragement to be the heroine or hero of your life as you create your own happy ending. But particularly in light of spring, this collection focuses upon hope--its strength and resilience in hard times and its flourishing in bright ones.🌳

Even if you don’t feel hopeful this spring, let the new life of the flowers and earth remind you that your own season is still to come and, whether now or soon after, your sun will shine again💛☀️

The Efflorescing Adventuress Collection Flowers April 1st!🌼🏹🍃✨


🍃Behind The Scenes🏹

I'm so very excited about The Efflorescing Adventuress Collection!🌼🏹🍃

I am having a wonderful time dreaming, cultivating, crafting, and creating for this. I have a passion for sharing beauty and hope with the world and I want this collection to do just that!✨

The main motif of the collection is my favourite flower of all: The Snowdrop! Its flower meaning is "Hope and Rebirth". It's a delicate flower and the first to bloom in the spring, but it is so strong and resilient that it actually grows through the snow. I love this dichotomy of being delicate but also incredibly strong and it's the theme I wish to represent in this collection: We can be both. We can be both sensitive, gentle, and beautiful, as well as resilient, irrepressible, and strong.🗡️🍃

My hope is that this collection encourages you to bloom in beauty, strength, & the truth of hope as you venture towards your dreams & create your own happy ending🌿✨

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