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The Easter Larkspur Legend

This week I discovered the sweetest of legends about one of my favourite holidays, animals, & flowers just in time for Easter!

Here’s my rendition of the darling tale...

In the waning dusk of Good Friday when Jesus’ body had been removed from the cross & placed in the tomb, the disciples hid—distraught & afraid. But in their midst, there was a small bunny that reminded them of the promise of Christ’s resurrection. No one listened to him, but he faithfully waited alone for the fulfillment of the promise by Christ’s tomb for three days.

The third day came & Jesus rose again on Easter morn to bring the world redemption. He found the little bunny faithfully waiting & delighted in his trust. Jesus gave the bunny a sprig of Larkspur & the blushing bunny beheld his own image in the center of the flower.

Later when the disciples went to the garden of Gethsemane to pray, they found the garden blooming with Larkspurs—the image of a bunny in each center, forever a symbol of faithful trust in God.

To this day, Larkspurs are considered an Easter flower with a sweet, hopeful meaning hidden in their center—the story of a trusting little bunny & the hope of Christ’s promises always fulfilled.

Photo by Mark Michel

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