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Working From Home

Life doesn’t look too much different here at the cottage. With my little studio & a basement full of crafts we’re able to carry on as usual. Of course, nothing feels usual... my heart is heavy & my mind filled with worry.

But then, these are the kind of days I made Elle’s Cottage for—days needing beauty, needing hope. And it’s my prayer that in any small way the cottage can be a haven for you. An escape to beautiful things that remind you that there is still good in the world, & that our God is still good.

Like Dostoevsky said, “Beauty will save the world.”

So, here we are. Taking each day as it comes. Filling it to the brim with as much beauty as I can muster! Sporadic painting breaks are a must, music making too. And though I can get caught up in too much work sometimes, my sweet dog Rosie always comes over to remind me to breathe. (Well, more of a reminder to rub her belly, but it works just the same.)

So I hope you too find ways to fill your days with beauty & hope! I’m praying for you all & wishing you all the best during this time. 💖🤗

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